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Recruitment Warning

Online fraud is rising, and job seekers can unfortunately become targets for fraudsters looking to extract personal information or money.

Common scams

Recruitment fraud can come in many forms, including:

  • Unsolicited calls or emails from fraudsters about genuine roles
  • The use of fake websites or social media accounts to attract applications
  • Postings for jobs that do not exist
  • Requests for personal information in order to enter a recruitment process
  • Requests for payment for administrative costs or expenses related to hiring

Staying alert

We have received reports that members of the public have been contacted about Informa job vacancies by individuals fraudulently posing as Informa recruiters or managers.

Some of the signs that you might be communicating with a fraudster, not a genuine Informa recruiter, are:

  • You are asked for sensitive personal information, such as passport and bank account information, at an early stage of the recruitment process
  • You are asked for payment as part of the recruitment process, such as for administrative checks. We will never ask for any form of payment as part of a hiring process
  • You are offered a role at Informa without a formal interview
  • Emails are sent from a free email account such as Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail. Informa does not use these services for business communications, so if you receive an email from one of these accounts, it is likely to be fraudulent
  • You receive communications that contain mistakes, such as consistent spelling or grammatical errors, or create an undue sense of urgency
  • A website address, email address or social media account uses suspicious details, such as a version of the company name or logo that is different to what appears elsewhere online

What to do

If a communication about a role seems out of the ordinary, unnecessarily urgent, or too good to be true, it is advisable to be highly cautious.

If you have any concerns about whether a recruitment communication from Informa is genuine, contact us using our Enquiry Form.