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Sustainable Products

It is important that our products and services are created and delivered in a sustainable way. But we also go further.

In every market, our customers are looking for knowledge and connections that help them understand, manage and seize opportunities from environmental and social developments.

That's why relevant sustainability content, features and partnerships are embedded throughout Informa's brands and products.

Sustainability Inside

Connecting people with knowledge is at the heart of Informa's purpose. 

We believe our greatest impact is through the content and connections we create and deliver, which is why embedding sustainability inside our products is a focus of the FasterForward programme. 

Our aim is to embed sustainability inside 100% of our brands. This helps our customers understand and meet their sustainability goals, supports a more sustainable future in the specialist markets we work in, and creates growth opportunities for our brands.

We do this in many ways: from delivering market-relevant content on managing climate change risk through technology, to forming partnerships that foster diversity and create a positive social impact, and creating new services dedicated to ESG trends and opportunities.  

Sustainability Inside Commitments

Embed sustainability inside 100% of our brands by 2025
Help and promote the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through our brands

Sustainable Products in action

Sustainable events

The Sustainable Event Fundamentals is our framework for embedding sustainability into every aspect of our live and on-demand events.

It includes 16 measures that all our event teams are required to adopt over time. These measures directly improve the impact of our events, such as by reducing waste and carbon, embedding sustainability content and enhancing the economic and social impact of events on their host cites. 

We are continuously stretching the criteria to make sure we keep improving and encouraging innovation.

Sustainable events in action

Supporting Sustainable Development Goals

All our products and services are mapped to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which represent the factors critical to creating a more sustainable world.

Some Informa brands directly support individual SDGs. The Greenbuild brand is dedicated to Sustainable Cities and Communities (goal 11), and Taylor & Francis’s advanced learning products directly address providing Quality Education (goal 4). Plus, our SDGOnline library provides learning specifically targeted to the achievement of each goal.

We also contribute to the UN's SDGs in how we operate and the content and networks we create. Our most significant contributions are to Quality Education (goal 4) and Partnerships (goal 17). We also play a role in the achievement of Decent Work and Economic Growth (goal 8), Responsible Consumption and Production (goal 12) and Climate Action (goal 13).

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