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Diversity & Inclusion


Whether you're working at Informa, or working with us as a customer or partner, you'll find inclusive experiences and environments where all perspectives and backgrounds are welcomed




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Discover AllInforma 

We’re a better place to work, a more successful business and a stronger part of our communities when we make diversity and inclusion part of everything we do.

Our approach is called AllInforma because we want to be a place where all our colleagues can thrive and a business that serves the different needs of all our customers and partners.  

The AllInforma programme focuses on four areas: Senior Leadership, Inclusive Culture, Customer Experience and Community Support.

Our aim is to make continuous progress on expanding diversity and embedding inclusion, driven by data and informed by the matters that colleagues, customers and partners tell us are most important to them.

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Leading from the top

AllInforma starts from the commitment and participation of Informa’s leadership teams.

Our senior leaders set the tone from the top by embedding inclusion into planning and decision making and championing AllInforma activities throughout the business.

Hundreds of business and functional leaders have undertaken interactive training on how to make inclusion part of our workplace day-to-day.

Plus, our reverse mentoring programme AllInforma Partners has matched over 50 leaders with colleagues from different backgrounds to share experiences, expand awareness and create lasting connections.

Customer Experience

We aim to embed inclusion and diversity throughout our products, so that all our customers can benefit from our services and enjoy the best possible experience. 

Some of the ways we do this include:

  • Ensuring diversity in our content, by representing a range of people, perspectives and topics in our media, research, panels and event programming
  • Improving the accessibility of our digital services and platforms
  • Offering initiatives that give underrepresented groups access to our products, including access to our research, live events and online communities

We have zero tolerance for any form of discrimination or harassment at our events and in our communities. Any concerns can be reported in confidence through our Speak Up service.

Inclusive Culture

An important part of Life at Informa is feeling welcome, supported and able to fully participate in worklife.

That doesn’t happen by chance, which is why we actively work to create an inclusive culture where everyone truly feels that they belong and can thrive.

You'll discover: 

  • Colleague-run diversity networks, which organise events, activities and discussion groups and provide a chance to connect, learn and find support 
  • Live and on-demand learning opportunities, through expert platforms and our in-house trainers
  • Campaigns and communications that raise awareness of different experiences and cultures
  • Policies that govern our working environment and behaviours, supported by mandatory training
  • Flexibility through our balanced working approach, which allows colleagues to balance work and personal commitments

We recognise key national holidays, including Juneteenth in the US, and champion outstanding work on inclusion at our annual Awards ceremony.

At the heart of everything we do is a commitment to create a fully inclusive working environment free from unlawful and unfair discrimination. This is detailed in our colleague Diversity & Inclusion policy.


Community Impact

Community Impact

In close collaboration with our FasterForward sustainability programme, we want to make sure we have a positive impact on our communities.

For AllInforma, that means supporting and championing underrepresented communities.

As part of the four days’ paid volunteering time everyone receives, colleagues have coached young people from low income families in London on career choices and volunteered at New York Pride.

We have a range of partnerships with organisations that support talent from underrepresented communities, including the Greater London Authority Design Labs, which tackles the under-representation of young Black men in tech. 


Meet our AllInforma colleague networks

Our six cross-company AllInforma networks champion and support some of the communities that are most important to us. Run by colleagues, they are open to colleagues from each community as well as allies anywhere in our business. Watch the video to learn more.


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AllInforma Serve

AllInforma Serve

The newest network, set up in 2023, AllInforma Serve is for all colleagues with connection to military service, be they veterans, in active service or a family member. We create a space for colleagues to connect, share insights and grow professionally, including in transitioning to the Corporate world from service. 

AllInforma Rainbow

AllInforma Rainbow connects, educates and supports members of the LGBTQIA+ community, allies and colleagues who want to learn more. We hold workshops and masterclasses, share reading and watching recommendations, organise Informa's participation in Pride, partner with charities and support inclusion throughout the company.

AllInforma Nations

Founded in 2020, AllInforma Nations focuses on ethnic minorities and multi culturalism. We connect and support colleagues from minority ethnic groups, celebrate different cultures, support and partner with underrepresented groups through community outreach and help make our business more actively inclusive.

AllInforma Balance

AllInforma Balance supports gender balance at Informa and is open to everyone in the company.
Through events, communications and champions, we’re building a community of passionate colleagues helping to make Informa a place where gender equality thrives.

AllInforma iCAN

iCAN - Informa’s Career Ambitions Network - supports anyone who wants to grow and develop their career in the business, particularly colleagues in their early years. We host fireside chats and podcasts with senior leaders about their career journeys, as well as events that help colleagues to build their networks and knowledge of career opportunities.

AllInforma Illuminate

Illuminate supports colleagues with visible and invisible disabilities and conditions. We create spaces for colleagues to meet and share their experiences, broadening awareness and demystifying disability. We also develop resources and guidance that support inclusion and accessibility throughout our products and services.

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Joining Informa

The support of an international community of great people is one of the key ingredients you’ll find at Informa.

Our recruitment experts are trained in inclusive recruitment, as are many of our hiring managers, so that recruitment and talent decisions are based on capabilities alone.

We use diverse shortlists for senior leadership positions, among other roles, and only work with recruitment agencies that share our approach.

For more information on our equal opportunities approach, just ask during your application and interview process.