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Taking open access to the next level

Annie CallananAnnie Callanan, CEO, Taylor & Francis, Oxfordshire

High quality, cutting edge and peer reviewed research is what scientific discoveries, commercial research and development and future scholarship are based on. This is “Content” at its most direct.

Taylor & Francis, our Academic Publishing business, commissions, curates, produces and publishes scholarly research and reference-led content in specialist subject areas that advances research and enables knowledge to be discovered and shared.

We invest in maintaining and enhancing the technology that makes current and historic content discoverable and usable today; oversee the submission, independent review and production process; maintain and promote research brands; and work closely with authors, editors and researchers to support their work.

Choice and flexibility in publishing models

Taylor & Francis has long offered the choice to publish open access, where authors (or more typically, their funders) pay for the cost of publishing their research. The work is then offered free for anyone to read, enabling knowledge to be widely shared and accessed.

Open Access research continues to grow and we have steadily been building our content and capabilities. This model continues to be a feature of the academic publishing market, particularly in Europe, and we have been steadily building our open access content and capabilities. This includes converting journals to open access and adding new journals and teams.

In 2017, the addition of Dove Medical Press brought more than 90 high quality, fully open access journals into the Division and added to our portfolio in specialist subject areas such as diabetes, cancer, geriatrics, nanomedicine, neurology and psychiatry.

We’ve also brought expertise and resources to streamline Dove’s processes. In 2018 this enabled Dove to handle a 50%+ increase in submissions and a 25% increase in accepted papers while keeping peer review and production times stable. This helps us publish and distribute more high quality, trustworthy content out to more people, faster.

// "Dove has an unwavering focus on author service, as well as deep and productive relationships in China. In addition to their portfolio of journals, working with the team has been a rich source of learning for us.” //

Deborah Kahn

Publishing Director