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Honesty, integrity and human rights


Caroline Bland, Compliance and Risk Manager
Global Support, London

This year, we’ve focused on engaging with our significantly expanded global community. Our 12 Global Policies that sit at the heart of our compliance programme were revised, including our Sanctions, Anti Bribery & Corruption, and Diversity & Inclusion policies. We also created a new ‘Speak Up’ policy, setting out our commitment to support colleagues who report concerns about any behaviours they observe. Our Code of Conduct was completely rewritten in 2019 to align with the Informa Constitution. The new Code sets out our focus on doing business in the way that is best and most sustainable for us and for our partners, customers and communities. In 2020, we will publish the Code and roll out new training for all colleagues. The Group and Divisional Compliance teams also engaged with selected teams in higher risk locations, providing face to face training on anti-corruption, sanctions and data privacy. We also completed a Group-level Human Rights risk review and developed a new Human Rights policy to reflect our organisation’s ongoing commitment to respecting internationally recognised human rights standards, including the UN Declaration of Human Rights: the new policy is scheduled to be launched in 2020.

Our Modern Slavery Statement  
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