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Taylor & Francis Journals takes another step towards sustainability

As part of their CR program, T & F journals have now started using bio-degradable wrapping to send their journals out to subscribers in. They are using “Oxo degradable LDPE Deg 555” polywrap as opposed to the “Standard LDPE” polywrap.

This degradable polywrap begins to break down in 6 months, and breaks down fully within a 30 year period depending on the amount of UV exposure, heat and moisture.  In comparison, the “Standard LDPE” polywrap is also fully recyclable but is oil based and takes up to 100 years to break down.

When degradable plastics break down into smaller molecules they will be small enough to be consumed by microorganisms and full degradation occurs. Oil based products take years longer to break down in the ground and will leave a permanent oily residue.

Almost 1 million copies of journals will be sent out this year so this is a great step for improving our sustainability.

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