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Scrip launches 'Lessons in Lifecycle Management'

SCRIP Intelligence, the leading news, analysis and data service for the global pharmaceutical industry, is launching 'Lessons in Lifecycle Management' opening up an evolving roadmap for a vital, and often misunderstood, skill in the industry that aims to maximize a pharmaceutical product’s commercial value.

A new microsite, [link removed 24/08/2016], will house a quick-reference collection of selected examples and case studies of pharmaceutical products. The work, conducted by the SCRIP Analyst team, synthesises impactful lessons in the dynamic lifecycles of pharmaceutical products across a range of areas in the industry.

Overall, it reveals some influential practices gaining momentum, including personalised medicine, pharmacoeconomics, business model moves, classic brands, corporate branding, and speed to show value, as ways to find peak longevity in products in changing markets.

“What became clear in our research was that there was a lack of useful chartbooks to help companies navigate a key area often cited as more important than ever,” said Christopher Bowe, Scrip’s US Healthcare Analyst who led the project. “Our new service starts by showing the classic routes, lesser-known paths and some blind alleys to lifecycle management. ”

The project pulls together some interesting examples over a diverse industry landscape. It highlights certain categories undergoing change and stress as good windows into the past, present and future planning of lifecycle management. These included some of the best-selling products of all time, along with key breakthroughs for diseases like multiple sclerosis.

“The SCRIP Lifecycle Management microsite will chart what is possible to help build long-term value and mitigate risk in product lifecycles,” commented Mike Ward, Editor-in-Chief of SCRIP Group Brands. “The lessons, which come in the form of case studies, take an analytical viewpoint – some orthodox and others less so. They are meant to provoke debate and conversation on the possibilities for innovative lifecycle management.”

“From development research decisions, deal-making and new business models to product formulation and commercial extension moves, the industry has produced innumerable lessons in how to position assets to generate the most benefit and return,” added Bowe. “This skill can only become more valuable, and more creatively tested, in the current changing industry environment.”

“This collection is the first step in providing a ready-made, cost-effective way to take a quick glimpse at examples of lifecycle management – both effective and ineffective – in recent history,” continued Ward. “We will update and expand this collection throughout the year, ensuring that it continues to be timely and helpful to our subscribers.”

You can learn more about ‘Lessons in Lifecycle Management’ and SCRIP’s Ask the Analyst service by joining it for a free trial. The ‘Lessons in Lifecycle Management’ is open access to all. [link removed 24/08/2016]