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One of a Kind Show – opens its doors to 200,000 visitors

one of a kind christmas show

One of Canada’s most popular events - the One of a Kind Show – has opened its doors to 200,000 visitors looking for unique, handcrafted designs by Canadian and North American artisans. 

Christmas show floorThe One of A Kind Show is part of Informa Canada, originally MMPI, which was acquired by Informa in the summer.  From its simple roots – the first show was created 38 years ago with 80 exhibitors – it is now the largest consumer craft show in North America. Over 5 million people have shopped at One of A Kind, helping it to become a Canadian tradition.

The Christmas show features handmade designs by over 800 artists, makers, designers and craftspeople, while a second event in the Spring, showcases over 450 artisans working in various mediums like glass, ceramics, textile and wood.

Richard Menzies-Gow, head of investor relations at Informa, said, “Informa Canada produces 55 trade shows, conferences and consumer shows on an annual basis and is a core part of Informa’s events proposition. Within its portfolio, an event that appears to be very well known and is frequently mentioned by investors is the One of a Kind Show. This is a really unique exhibition that runs for 11 days straight, and visiting the show is clearly an annual Canadian tradition, particularly in the run up to Christmas.”