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New event, Power Nigeria, supports development with international knowledge

The team behind Middle East Electricity is launching a new event, Power Nigeria, taking place in September in Abuja. It will provide a platform for the local Nigerian energy industry to meet and buy from the leading international companies who supply products and services. 

Anita Mathews, Exhibition Director for Power Nigeria, said, “Nigeria has large power investment requirements which the Government is unable to meet on its own. It is expected that the electricity supply industry will ultimately be private-sector driven. Approximately 40% of Nigeria’s population has access to electricity, and the country’s Vision 20:2020 aims to improve these statistics with plans for facility upgrades, renewable development, power plant build, introduction of transmission lines and distribution facilities”. 

Access, Jennifer added, is expected to increase to 50%, while per capita consumption will increase from the current 125KWH to 500KWH by 2020. This is to be achieved through the expansion of transmission and distribution lines to rural communities and from coal, solar, wind and biomass development. 

Power Nigeria will provide the opportunity for local and international companies to network and open sales avenues to ultimately lead to development and investment in the region. The show will cover all sectors of the energy industry, such as power generation, transmission, distribution and alternative energy. 

At an exciting time in the country’s development, Power Nigeria is bringing international knowledge and products to facilitate the local market’s development for the benefit of its future. 

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