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MAF Investment SAL brings ‘BEB Beirut’ Experience to Cityscape

MAF Investment SAL, a multimillion dollar company with a successful investment portfolio in multiple business sectors including property development, hospitality, garments, banking, insurance and farming, has announced its participation in the upcoming Cityscape Doha 2012  exhibition.

Held for the first time in Qatar, Cityscape, the most influential international real estate event will provide a platform that will highlight high growth investment opportunities, showcase innovative products and underline sustainable developments in Qatar.

Cityscape Qatar

Mrs Mireille Choufany, General Manager, MAF Holding Investment SAL, said, “We are keen to be part of Cityscape Doha. Our participation will offer us the chance to be associated with a reputable event in the land of endless opportunities. At Cityscape, we will be showcasing to the public, for the first time, our luxurious Residential and Commercial project “Beb Beirut”, strategically located in Beirut’s famous Martyr’s Square. With BEB BEIRUT, we are moving away from generic style of development that has characterized much of the coastal developments, and are moving towards intimate and personalized homes which truly speak to a person’s inner sensibility.

Buyers always need to be selective and thorough; but probably more so when researching offshore purchases.  Location, design and a track record of delivering results are key elements that must be evident before even considering a purchase.  Make sure the location is one that will sustain its value over the long term, and that there is solid infrastructure in place which will allow the project to go forward and succeed and finally, make sure there are amenities and services to be provided and managed by a brand you can trust.”, Choufani said.

Beb Beirut is a new landmark living space, situated adjacent to Beirut’s famous Martyr’s Square, comprising of two monumental vertical prisms of apartments ranging between 175 and 422 square meters, two Sky Palaces of 1000 square meters each with private swimming pools, and a retail area.  All the apartments are carefully designed to supply abundant natural light and ventilation, which enhances the energy efficiency of the building.

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