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Ipex 2014 on Course to ExCel

Following the launch of Ipex 2014 at the highly successful Stars in Print official launch reception at drupa 2012 which was attended by over 100 of the industry’s senior management, the Ipex 2014 organisers are thrilled to announced that more than 70 per cent of the 100,000m2 gross floor space available at London’s ExCel Centre has been confirmed.

“Following a hugely successfully drupa, where we had an unprecedented uptake level of exhibitors joining the show, we’re delighted about the commitment from major industry suppliers,” commented Trevor Crawford, Director of the Informa Print & Media Group. “Exhibitors were extremely upbeat about Ipex’s relocation to London and the new, more visitor, friendly layout of the show at the ExCel.  Equally, the suppliers are confident that the new destination will increase the international appeal and attract new audiences, including print specifiers from different vertical industries.”

He continued, “drupa 2012 has once again demonstrated the importance of major international exhibitions as a platform to learn about industry innovations, and where business opportunities are created and deals one.”

Some exhibitors have significantly increased their stand space. In particular, EFI has increase the size of its stand by 740 per cent, while JMD Machinery has committed to an increase of 240 per cent, Up Group by 233 per cent and Konica Minolta by 95 per cent. Overall the major footprints within the digital sector of Ipex have increased by 32 per cent.

“With Ipex relocation to London in 2014, we believe the event will attract more visitors than ever, especially from the European continent, Asia and South America,” said Frank Tueckmantel, VP of corporate marketing at EFI. “To reflect the recent growth of our business as well as the success of our customers, we have decided to bring our full portfolio of EFI products to the next show.”

Visitors to drupa were first to witness the unveiling of the new Ipex branding featuring a distinct compass to highlight Ipex’s role in helping printers with their journey through the ever-changing and evolving graphic arts and communications landscape. The central theme of ‘discovering’ and ‘exploring’ in the Ipex marketing collateral highlights the role print has to play in the 21st century and reflects Ipex’s reputation for being at the forefront of innovation.

“Feedback about our striking compass the central icon of our marketing collateral has been extremely positive as printers can identify very well with the key messages behind it,” explained Nick Craig Waller, Marketing Director Ipex 2014. “This was also echoed during our informal media mingle event at drupa during which we welcomed more than 100 members of the international trade press.”

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