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Informa Telecoms & Media: Demystifying Pan-European digital-music rights

New research details the path to success in digital-music rights licensing in Europe.
Informa Telecoms & Media today announced the publication of the second edition of its highly successful report “Demystifying Pan-European digital-music rights”. The report neatly illustrates what repertoire is controlled by what collection society or licensing hub in 30 of Europe’s most vibrant recorded-music markets.
The number of digital-music services in Europe is growing every year and consumers across the continent are being presented with an array of different ways to listen to music. Digital-music delivery and consumption has undergone a rapid transition. However, such has been the speed of the sector’s evolution, new business models specialising in digital-music delivery across Europe have forced those organisations charged with issuing licenses to rethink the way they operate.
“Pan-European digital-music licensing has rapidly evolved over the last few years and several collection societies and music publishers have made a lot of effort to streamline the process. But, there is still no consensus between the major players on the best way to sort out the licensing of digital-music services wanting to operate in more than one European country,” said Simon Dyson, author of the report and editor of the Informa Telecoms & Media publication Music & Copyright. “But, with the European Commission looking to put in place its directive on collective rights management, there’s never been a better time to map out where all the publishers’ repertoire sits and where a service should go to get hold of that repertoire” he added.
Music publishers and collection societies in Europe have taken to the task in different ways. In contrast to a few years ago, when digital-music services were required to negotiate countless licensing deals, agreements between music publishers and collection societies have reduced the necessity for endless rounds of licensing negotiations.
The report explains precisely what the digital music licensing process is all about. It details the changing landscape in Pan-European digital-music licensing and the importance of reaggregation. In addition, the report breaks down what authors and publishers earn from digital sales and illustrates clearly what collection societies and licensing hubs a service provider must do business with to set up a digital-music service.
The report sets out three types of repertoire – domestic, Anglo-American and Spanish/Latin. Separate pages for each country list the publishers that have withdrawn certain repertoire from the national collection-society network and placed the licensing rights in the hands of one or a number of different national collection societies of licensing bodies. Courtesy of the global authors’ societies body CISAC, the report also contains contact details for the authors’ societies in all the 30 countries detailed in the report.
About the Demystifying Pan-European digital-music rights report

This report ( shows in a simple-to-follow way which collection societies and organizations the digital-music service providers must do business with to gain access to major and independent music publisher repertoire for the launch of a service in one country or a number of countries.
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