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Informa internal research reveals ‘critical’ role of flexible working

  • 96% of UK staff working flexibly said that it positively impacts their productivity
  • 84% couldn’t continue working without it
  • Average length of service for staff on flexi-time is 7.4 years, compared with 4.2 years for non-flexi-time staff
  • Average rating of importance on a scale of 1-10 is 9.7

A new employee survey has revealed the extent of the key role flexible working plays in employee engagement and retention in Informa businesses across the UK.

Informa’s internal survey*, conducted in June 2012, demonstrates the huge difference that flexible working has made to retaining skilled and knowledgeable staff.  Ninety-three per cent of respondents said the policy is key to them staying at the company.

The business has also seen improved loyalty from these staff. The voluntary turnover of staff that utilise the flexible working policy is less than one per cent.

Informa put its simple flexi-time policy in place six years ago in a bid to maintain its excellent gender diversity demographics and retain key staff.

Male and Female Representation 2009-2011

At Informa there is no glass ceiling. Of its 8,000+ global staff, 55 per cent are female. Forty-seven per cent of managers, including business CEOs and group directors, are female, which is a large pool of talent that Informa doesn’t want to lose because of childcare, lack of work/life balance, or any other reason that may be important to staff.

Informa’s Group HR Director Emma Blaney comments: “We are amazed at just how critical the role played by flexible working is to our staff.

“Flexible working enables Informa to maintain its enviable diversity long-term so we avoid haemorrhaging skilled people. It empowers both men and women to make lifestyle choices without risking secure jobs, and enables each employee to continue climbing their own career ladder.

“The strength behind the policy is enabling line managers and/or HR to help Informa’s talent to stay. Flexi-time not only enhances employees’ work/life balance, but also contributes to a feel-good factor for other staff members, who realise that they too could use the policy.

“All this brings huge benefits to both our employees and the company as we continue our aim of being one of the most outstanding businesses in the UK.”

 *264 Flexi-time workers in Informa’s UK businesses; 141 responded to the poll.