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IBI overseas volunteer blog in Costa Rica

Volunteering, and ‘giving back’ to local and other communities, is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility at Informa Business Information (IBI).

In 2011, IBI linked with an organisation called ‘Real Gap’, enabling up to 40 employees to work as volunteers on two different projects – the Costa Rica House Building project and the Thailand Childcare project.

This year, there will be two opportunities for 20 different volunteers to take part in one of these projects for a 2 week assignment.

Employees from different IBI divisions around the World applied for the first two trip to Costa Rica. 10 IBI volunteers from the UK, US and Sweden arrived in Costa Rica on April 3 and have been busy working on a house building project in San Ramon.  It is their second week and they have been working incredibly hard pick-axing, digging deep pits, lugging 9ft cement slabs on a regular diet of rice and beans.