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ESI International launches Agile project management training curriculum

ESI International,  the world's leading project management training company, has announced the launch of a new curriculum focused on the Agile practitioner.

The course content, one of the most comprehensive in the industry, will be offered to ESI’s global clients in the form of seven course modules, all of which are available immediately, including:

  1. Delivering Agile Projects with Scrum
  2. Developing Agile Requirements
  3. Estimating and Planning Agile Projects
  4. PMI-ACP® Preparation Exam
  5. Agile Overview for Executives and Leaders
  6. Agile Practices for Product Owners
  7. Project Portfolio Management Using Agile 

“While Agile development and project management have been around over 10 years, the Agile approach, especially using the Scrum method, has gained momentum and is being recognized as a legitimate and sound way to manage certain projects that could otherwise struggle to be successful,” said ESI VP, Global Product Strategy, and Agile expert, Nancy Y. Nee. “We believe that the Agile framework holds great promise for organizations that need to get products to market more quickly, reduce quality defects and increase customer satisfaction. In fact, the Project Management Institute has reported that the PMI-ACP certification had the largest pilot participation of any of its certification offerings.”

“Scrum, a popular methodology to implement the tenets of Agile, is widely used within the IT community, specifically within software development projects,” said ESI Executive Vice President, J. LeRoy Ward. “However, Scrum techniques can also be utilized for non-IT projects as well, which makes it the most versatile of the Agile methods being used today.”

In addition to the courses, ESI will continue to offer its proprietary assessments, which help clients gauge their organizational readiness for change, and determine which projects are the best candidates for an Agile approach. ESI will also continue to offer its coaching services to accelerate the introduction of Agile into its clients’ practices.

For more information visit [link removed due to site no longer being available].