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British Red Cross Haiti appeal update

Earlier this year, we collectively donated a huge £41,423.90 to The British Red Cross to help them support Haitian people affected by the earthquake.  We thought you’d like an update. It is still an incredibly difficult situation for the people there.  Recently there has been a cholera outbreak, which has killed around 250 residents in the country’s rural Artibonite region, two hours north of Port-au-Prince.  Although this area was not directly affected by the January 12 earthquake, it has become home to thousands of people who became displaced by the disaster.

The generosity of people around the world, including Informa employees who donated £21,423.90, along with £20,000 from Informa , has allowed the charity to not only provide immediate short-term relief, but to continue its work to help reduce vulnerability to diseases by promoting good hygiene, providing clean water and improving sanitation.

The recent cholera outbreak has affected more than 3,000 people according to the Ministry of Health. So far, a Red Cross truck loaded with medical supplies including intravenous fluids, antibiotics and first aid kits has arrived at the main hospital where relief items are being used to treat patients.  More trucks carrying 31,000 litres of clean water and chlorine, as well as large tents and sleeping mats, were also distributed.

British Red Cross teams have also been advising people on hygiene and safe water practices via mass SMS messages. On top of this, the charity has provided water and sanitation services on behalf of the Haitian authorities which has resulted in 2,600 latrines being built, helping nearly 238,000 people.  Each day, the British Red Cross takes 2.4 million litres of water to up to 314,000 people living in camps across Port-au-Prince.

Because of the sheer scale of the disaster the recovery process for Haiti and its people will take years rather than months. They will be delighted with further donations.

For further information on the work in Haiti and the British Red Cross visit