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Better prospects for the future using modern hospital design

The European trade fair Hospital Build & infrastructure Europe will be held in the Congress Center Hamburg from 3 to 4 September 2013.

Hospital managers, architects, planners and investors, as well as facility managers, will meet here for the third time to exchange experiences. The trade fair presentations and speeches will focus on the construction, operation and equipping of hospitals. In the three accompanying congresses, 40 international speakers will shed light on new solutions for European hospitals using practical examples. The organiser, Informa Exhibitions, expects 60 exhibitors and around 2,000 specialist visitors to attend the event.

Financing solutions for hospitals, sustainability and energy efficiency for buildings, and equipment or the increasingly louder demands for a so-called “healing environment”: The topics covered at this year's Hospital Build & Infrastructure Europe (HBIE) and the accompanying congresses reflect the current challenges and opportunities facing the hospital sector. “Modern and sustainable design is currently a prerequisite for the future flexibility, competitiveness and security of hospitals,” explained Aleksandra Kreplin, the conference manager from Informa Exhibitions. “Significant advances are being made within diagnosis and treatment processes in hospitals, which has increased the expectations and requirements placed on architecture, equipment and process optimisations. Current hospital equipment is becoming obsolete more quickly – and needs to be refurbished at an earlier stage.”

15,000 hospitals across Europe have a poor carbon footprint

Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in the redevelopment of hospitals. A good example is the private hospital operator Asklepios: The Asklepios Group began its “Green Hospital” programme three years ago, in which the ecological handling of energy in the construction and operation of hospitals is promoted in selected hospital locations. Dr Wolfgang Sittel, Head of Architecture and Construction at the Asklepios Group, will present the company's concept for quality and sustainability at HBIE.

Reducing energy consumption in European hospitals – this is the challenge being tackled by the RES Hospitals initiative under the leadership of Prof. Simona Ganassi Agger. Around 15,000 hospitals in Europe were built during a period when energy was primarily sourced from fossil fuels and electricity costs were still low, according to the organisation based in Italy. Because these facilities operate around the clock without a break, they require a particularly high level of energy and exhibit poor carbon footprints. Prof. Agger, RES Coordinator, will discuss at the trade fair how hospitals can manage to operate carbon-free in the long term.

Financing sustainability
It is one thing to have the aim of organising hospitals in an environmentally friendly way: “but where are the budgets to achieve this goal?” asks Dr Rolando Gennari. The former Chief Financial Officer of the solar power company Colexon and currently the Senior Adviser Energy Savings Bond / Cut Power will present new off-balance-sheet financing solutions for energy efficiency in the health care sector at Hospital Build. Paul Garassus, European Union of Private Hospitals, and Vladimir Kukushkin, CEO of the Russian Association of Private Clinics, will debate how private hospitals can survive the European financial crises during a panel discussion.

Architects and health professionals calling for the creation of a healing environment

In the congress “Design  Build and Upgrade”, experts will use practical examples to demonstrate how the various different stakeholders – from hospital managers and architects through to service providers – can together create an effective, humane and, nevertheless, cost-efficient healing environment. The health care sector is too focussed on the causes and treatment of illnesses, this was the criticism levelled by Prof. Alan Dilani, Head of the International Academy for Design and Health, at last year's event in Berlin. Instead, decision-makers should concentrate more on health-promoting aspects in hospital construction. The qualified physician and architect will provide an insight into the hospital design of the future at his year's trade fair.

Other current pioneers in the efforts to create an effective healing environment come from Scandinavia. Therefore, Informa Exhibitions has invited Henrik Schødts, Project Manager at Nordsjaelland Hospital, and Kasper Heiberg Frandsen, from the Danish architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen, to discuss hospital construction in Denmark. Schmidt Hammer Lassen are responsible, amongst other things, for the new design of the New Aalborg University Hospital, in Nordjütland.

In the third congress at HBIE, international speakers will discuss opportunities for process optimisation and new approaches to facility management. Sujata Malik, Director of Medical Services at the Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune, India, will talk at the congress about personnel planning in her 500-bed city hospital. Frank Dzukowski, Managing Director of Klinik-Medizintechnik Eppendorf GmbH, a service company for the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, will demonstrate how good service provision for medical equipment and facility management can improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Excursions provide an insight into practical developments

UKE, along with the Asklepios Clinic St. Georg, is open to visitors to HBIE on the day before the trade fair for exclusive study tours. The excursions – both of which are free of charge – will primarily provide an insight into the relevant new developments at the hospitals. The focus at UKE will be on process-oriented construction, interdisciplinary cooperation and electronic patient records. In St. Georg, the Head of Facility Management, Volker Müller, will present their lighting concept for the exterior grounds and hospital buildings. Information on the tours is available at:

An international trade fair concept that is also proving successful in Germany
Hospital Build & Infrastructure Europe is the German offshoot of a very successful international trade fair concept: Hospital Build has already been able to establish itself in Singapore and Dubai as the leading trade fair for the construction, operation and equipping of hospitals.

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