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CEO Video Transcript

What’s different about Informa?

A message from Peter Rigby, CEO

So, what can I tell you that’s different about Informa? - I guess one of the things is that, although we are quite a large global company, we are made-up of several different businesses of various sizes each with their own management, products and brands. This gives us a huge amount of flexibility to operate in a lot of niche, business-to-business markets.

We have businesses in the academic world, professional and commercial information sectors, exhibitions, training, conferences and performance improvement. You will be able to find more information about these businesses on this website.

 Another major asset that differentiates us is our people who are encouraged and supported to follow through their ideas and initiatives. We make sure they have the opportunity and resources to fully explore their potential – and we do have some fantastically talented and innovative people working here. We strive to turn these ideas into benefits; benefits for our customers, our staff and our investors because ultimately this will improve our relationships, our company and our success. 

So we are a diverse organisation with activity in markets and regions all-over the world but we are united in a common goal that we can improve or add something of value to everything we do. This belief makes us different and, combined with our drive and passion for our business, means we can confidently say that whatever business, product or service  - Informa brings knowledge to life.