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Pension Schemes

Informa operates four defined benefit pension schemes in the UK and two defined benefit schemes in the US, each of which is closed to new members and to future accrual.

The four UK schemes are:

  • The Informa Final Salary Scheme
  • The Taylor & Francis Group Pension and Life Assurance Scheme
  • The UBM Pension Scheme
  • The United Newspapers Executive Pension Scheme

These schemes are administered by separate funds that are legally separated from the Company, and have trustees who are responsible for running them in the best interests of their members and according to the established rules of each scheme. Information on the investment principles and most recent Chair’s statement for the UBM Pension Scheme is below.

UBM Pension Scheme - Statement of Investment Principles (pdf - 386Kb)
UBM Pension Scheme - Chair’s DC Governance Statement (pdf - 627Kb)

The two defined benefit schemes in the US are: 

  • The Penton Media, Inc. Retirement Plan
  • The Penton Media, Inc. and Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan

Informa is responsible for the investment policy with regard to the assets of these plans.

The Group continues to meet all commitments to its pension schemes, and for the latest reported information on these pension positions, see the 2018 Annual Report.