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Market Specialisation and Growth

We are living in a world of expanding knowledge and information.

A world where $1.7tn is spent on research and development every year. Where 3.5bn Google searches are made each day. Where 175 zettabytes of data is predicted to exist by 2025. Where the market research industry stands at $42bn.

Against this vast backdrop, businesses and professionals in every country and sector are searching for information that is relevant to them, that is trusted and that can be acted upon, so they can learn more, know more and do more in their roles and companies.

At Informa, we work in the large and expanding economy for knowledge and information and focus on growth through market specialisation.

We have chosen to focus on a number of specialist markets – from Biotech to Maritime, Health & Nutrition to Tech, Aviation to Pharma Ingredients and more – and provide highly-specific knowledge, data, connections and information services to customers who, like us, live and breathe those markets.

Our purpose is to champion our specialist customers and help them succeed.

To do that, we are focused on building depth and expertise in our chosen specialist markets and continuously investing in our brands, services, partnerships and capabilities.

Through long-term growth and maintaining a strong and stable business, we can deliver more for our customers, our colleagues, the communities we work in and our shareholders.

Market specialisation and growth focus

  1. Expanding our portfolio of business-to-business knowledge-based products and services
  2. Enhancing our positions in specialist markets, through forming partnerships and adding businesses that deepen our connections and add expertise
  3. Strengthening our operating capabilities; both our internal operating systems and how we develop and deliver products for customers
  4. Becoming a champion of sustainability within our business and across the markets we serve
  5. Investing in colleagues, culture and the workplace throughout our business
  6. Improving our financial fitness