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Our Pillars

Informa's approach to sustainability is structured around five pillars: Our Content, Customers, Communities, Colleagues and the Environment.

We focus on the issues that matter most to the business and our stakeholders, and those that present growth opportunities for businesses that successfully enable positive change. Read on to learn more about each of the pillars.

  • Our Content
  • Our Communities
  • Our Colleagues
  • Our Customers
  • Environment

Content is at the heart of what many of our businesses, teams and colleagues provide.

Our exhibitions, conferences, digital forums, data, intelligence products, books and journals create, curate and share knowledge, enabling customers to reach better and more informed decisions. 

This makes content one of Informa's most significant areas of impact. See more in our Stories section about where our content makes a positive contribution to stakeholders, communities and the success of the Group.


We set out to create value for all our stakeholders, including the communities in which we live and with whom we do business.

At Informa, we think of our communities as those who live and work near our business activities - including our events as well as our offices - as well as our communities of suppliers.

Our work with communities includes supporting charities and creating value for the cities that host our events. See examples of how Informa creates value for different communities in our stories section. 

Our colleagues, and the diversity of knowledge and skills they bring are what drives Informa's success.

We have a distinct culture and identity, and a strong commitment to investing in colleagues wherever they are. The Group aims to give colleagues freedom to grow, experiment and learn, and to create an open, inclusive and stimulating environment while minimising barriers and red tape.

There are a number of initiatives throughout Informa that focus on attracting, supporting and retaining colleagues - read our stories to find out more.

When it comes to Sustainability and our customers, we focus on two areas;

1) Connecting people: as well as curating and creating content, our businesses and brands connect people who are working in a common field and around a common topic, challenge or passion.

2) Creating opportunities for learning: our brands provide customers with the space to learn more about each other and the topics that interest them. We are always looking for more and better ways to foster that learning and help customers solve the business challenges they face. 

See examples of how Informa creates value for different customers in our stories section. 

Informa has a relatively small direct impact on the environment, which is largely associated with carbon emissions and the use of paper in our publications.

We take action where we can to minimise our direct impact on the environment, and undertake projects to understand our indirect impacts too, such as emissions from flights that carry colleagues and customers to our events.

Where possible, we work with venues and exhibitors to reduce the waste that arises from our events and improve recycling rates. For further examples on how we work to measure and minimise Informa’s environmental impact, read our colleagues’ stories.